Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break Blogging with Nina Cole

We're in Atlanta, or "Hotlanta" as we have oh-so cleverly been referring to it, and a bunch of us just got back from the Farmer's Market at Emory.  We are now sitting outside of our hotel in the SUN.  Despite the fact that the only bags we have at our hotel for ice are dog poop bags (which work quite well, I might add) spring break is amaaaaaazing.  Nicky and Cordelia are sitting next to me discussing the sweet apparel we get for winning the Indoor Conference meet this year (wooo!) and I have a tan (which I am overly excited about).  We did a really good workout yesterday and we have our first outdoor race this weekend.  I guess I should be more informative, like say things about how the bus ride (12 hours) did not feel as long as it sounds, and that it doesn't suck not to be home for spring break, because this is way more relaxing than having a week to try and see all your high school friends at once.  Oh, and we had Ethiopian food for dinner last night.  I also learned that the track team should give up their pro wiffle ball dreams.  Not because pro wiffle ball teams don't exist (they don't) but because when we played in the park a few days ago, peopled stopped to laugh at us.  

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