Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break Blogging: What's up with the ruckus next door? Part 2

Okay, so my name is Reshard, and I don't make stuff up about science.  Instead, I'm listening to Josh talk about the "Hot Sauce Pearl" bowling ball, which he says is "a lot like his ball" .... interesting.  Describing this room is kinda like describing the last time you threw up.  It's really messy and there's random stuff everywhere.  It smells terrible, and people cringe when they see it.  It's okay though cuz I just saw a dump truck full of gasoline CAREEN INTO A VERTICAL BUS FILLED WITH PYROTECHNICS .... ON PURPOSE. 

This is Kyle.  Having decided not to go  have pizza, I've returned to redeem this blog.  It's going to be a good week.  By Monday, a 9pm bed time sounds like a pretty good idea.  So far we've already plowed through two bags of Sun Chips, a box of large Cheeze-Its and a tin of Cashews.  I'm hoping to only be woken up twice by Reshard stealing the blankets or snoring.  Ah, the computer's out of battery ... I'm out.  

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