Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break Blogging with Amanda Miller


We started the week off on Sunday with a "warm up" on Emory's track.  We jogged down to the track together and did a warm up run.  Coach Hudson then implemented some new drills and we did them.  After we got back to the Inn, we went into Downtown Atlanta to Centennial Park!  We danced, played soccer, drew with chalk and wandered around downtown.  We had El Salvadorian for dinner =)  WE also had a talent show that night ... which completely rocked out!!  Monday we started our first day of two-a-days.  We arrived on the track at at 9 am and returned at 2 pm.  We worked on a lot of technicalities and did some short sprints.  Tuesday was our hard day (it always is).  We did a ladder workout (ex. 5-4-3-2-1).  I went to the Art Museum Tuesday and saw pictures and artifacts from King Tut's tomb!  So far this trip has been amazing =)  It'll get better on Wednesday, when we're going to the World of Coke =)

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