Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Wrapup

So much for that.  Due to thunderstorms, our spring break meet was cancelled shortly after it started.  The few people who did get to compete fared quite well, though.  Joanna Johnson won the 10k in 35:55.40  It's an extremely strong provisional qualifying mark for Nationals.  

Madeleine Schultz was second in the 400 hurdles in 1:05.0 - also a huge P.R. for her.  

Josh Gallagher and A.J. Greene placed in the Hammer with throws of 38.77 meters and 37.64 meters respectively.  

Freshmen Christine Moore, Santino Merino and Stephen Williams all competed in their first ever steeplechase.  It's exciting to have several freshmen who want to be good at the steeple.  All of them have come so far since we first started hurdling back in February.    

Fran Holoman jumped 1.40 meters and Tyler Lewis jumped 1.81 meters in the High Jump.

For the people who got to compete, the results were very promising.  Everybody else won't have to wait long for their outdoor debut.  Our next meet is this weekend at the Marv Fry Invitational.  Despite the untimely end to our meet, Spring Break was a solid trip.  It offered us a chance to get in lots of good training, and also allowed our athletes a chance to decompress after mid-terms.  In addition to lots of practice, we were able to make trips to the Aquarium, and the World of Coke, as well as spend a day in Centennial Park.     

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break Blogging with Nina Cole

We're in Atlanta, or "Hotlanta" as we have oh-so cleverly been referring to it, and a bunch of us just got back from the Farmer's Market at Emory.  We are now sitting outside of our hotel in the SUN.  Despite the fact that the only bags we have at our hotel for ice are dog poop bags (which work quite well, I might add) spring break is amaaaaaazing.  Nicky and Cordelia are sitting next to me discussing the sweet apparel we get for winning the Indoor Conference meet this year (wooo!) and I have a tan (which I am overly excited about).  We did a really good workout yesterday and we have our first outdoor race this weekend.  I guess I should be more informative, like say things about how the bus ride (12 hours) did not feel as long as it sounds, and that it doesn't suck not to be home for spring break, because this is way more relaxing than having a week to try and see all your high school friends at once.  Oh, and we had Ethiopian food for dinner last night.  I also learned that the track team should give up their pro wiffle ball dreams.  Not because pro wiffle ball teams don't exist (they don't) but because when we played in the park a few days ago, peopled stopped to laugh at us.  

Spring Break Blogging with Amanda Miller


We started the week off on Sunday with a "warm up" on Emory's track.  We jogged down to the track together and did a warm up run.  Coach Hudson then implemented some new drills and we did them.  After we got back to the Inn, we went into Downtown Atlanta to Centennial Park!  We danced, played soccer, drew with chalk and wandered around downtown.  We had El Salvadorian for dinner =)  WE also had a talent show that night ... which completely rocked out!!  Monday we started our first day of two-a-days.  We arrived on the track at at 9 am and returned at 2 pm.  We worked on a lot of technicalities and did some short sprints.  Tuesday was our hard day (it always is).  We did a ladder workout (ex. 5-4-3-2-1).  I went to the Art Museum Tuesday and saw pictures and artifacts from King Tut's tomb!  So far this trip has been amazing =)  It'll get better on Wednesday, when we're going to the World of Coke =)

Spring Break Blogging: What's up with the ruckus next door? Part 2

Okay, so my name is Reshard, and I don't make stuff up about science.  Instead, I'm listening to Josh talk about the "Hot Sauce Pearl" bowling ball, which he says is "a lot like his ball" .... interesting.  Describing this room is kinda like describing the last time you threw up.  It's really messy and there's random stuff everywhere.  It smells terrible, and people cringe when they see it.  It's okay though cuz I just saw a dump truck full of gasoline CAREEN INTO A VERTICAL BUS FILLED WITH PYROTECHNICS .... ON PURPOSE. 

This is Kyle.  Having decided not to go  have pizza, I've returned to redeem this blog.  It's going to be a good week.  By Monday, a 9pm bed time sounds like a pretty good idea.  So far we've already plowed through two bags of Sun Chips, a box of large Cheeze-Its and a tin of Cashews.  I'm hoping to only be woken up twice by Reshard stealing the blankets or snoring.  Ah, the computer's out of battery ... I'm out.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Blogging: What's up with the ruckus next door?

Four Oberlin Track Athletes: Collin, Kyle, Reshard and Josh have a room next door to their coaching staff.  Follow all the action as they blog about the ruckus they're making next door.

What's up with the ruckus next door?

Here's what's going on with the noise in this room.  Stream of conscious-style.

Dramatis Personae:

Kyle "Upper (Master) delegator/lamesauce" Taljan

Reshard "Make stuff up about science" El-Shair

Josh "English as a Second Language" Gallagher

Collin "The Author" Cowdery

So it's pretty hard to write anything while watching various planes and cars absolutely destroy themselves on some show on Discovery.  Anyway, I was told to provide some sort of depiction of what's going on in this room.  Currently everybody is arguing for some unfathomable reason as to what a PET scan does, and as far as I can tell, Reshard is just making stuff up at this point and Kyle is calling him out on it.  Reshard has recruited the crafty Wikipedia onto his debate team.  Kyle is simply calling Alpha atoms "the lame ones" that you can block with a piece of paper, as opposed to Gamma rays - that made the Hulk.  This is kinda what happens when you room with two physics majors.  On the subject of Kyle, he was supposed to help me with this blog, but since he's going to pizza, he won't help.  Kyle has declared himself a "upper (master) delegator" which sounds kinda raunchy.  Kyle continues to hound me about a paragraph of big words which should include both "necrophilia" and "xenophobia".  I feel "supercilious" should make the cut as well.

I'm watching Josh finish a BIG Cheezit box all by himself.  It is an awesome spectacle.  So I feel like this blog is kinda wrapping itself up, but before we go, here are some awesome names.




Ray Appenheimer

Timbuktu (A Country, not a name ... thanks Reshard!)    

Friday, March 20, 2009

Heading to Atlanta

We're kicking off the outdoor season with a meet at Emory University on the 28th of March.  We'll spend the entire week leading up to the meet training, and having fun in, Atlanta.  

Check back throughout the week for updates!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What a weekend!  We sent out the indoor season/kicked off the outdoor season in grand fashion at the North Coast Athletic Conference Championships.  The women's team tied for first and the men's team tied for third ... the best finishes by both teams in school history.  

So many of our athletes had phenomenal meets.  In fact, we had 8 conference champs, loads more All-Conference (top 3) finishers and four school records!  Nicky Ouellet won the 800, mile and finished 5th in the 3k.  For her efforts she won distance runner of the meet honors.  Joanna Johnson won the 5k, the women's 4x2 of Ali Gemma, Madeline Schultz, Laura Vernon and Amanda Miller won.  Laura Vernon also won the pole vault and Ali Gemma also won the long jump.  Solomon Turner won the 55m, and the men's 4x400 of Seth Wimberly, Peter Morris, Solomon Turner and Reshard El-Shair won in a new meet record and school record!  Other school record setters were our Men's Distance Medley, Solomon Turner in the 55 and Ryan King in the mile.  See full results at

Indoor season isn't quite over yet.  Nicky will be competing in the mile at the National Championships this coming weekend.  It's the second national meet she has qualified for this year.  

Everybody else is getting ready for mid-terms next week.  After mid terms, we leave for our annual Spring Break trip.  This year's trip is to Atlanta.  We'll primarily spend the week relaxing and preparing for a meet at Emory on the 27th.  But the team captains always find fun activities for everyone during the week.  In years past, we've gone to a hockey game and the zoo in South Carolina, and NASA and the Beach in Houston.

Check back soon for more details!