Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Blogging: What's up with the ruckus next door?

Four Oberlin Track Athletes: Collin, Kyle, Reshard and Josh have a room next door to their coaching staff.  Follow all the action as they blog about the ruckus they're making next door.

What's up with the ruckus next door?

Here's what's going on with the noise in this room.  Stream of conscious-style.

Dramatis Personae:

Kyle "Upper (Master) delegator/lamesauce" Taljan

Reshard "Make stuff up about science" El-Shair

Josh "English as a Second Language" Gallagher

Collin "The Author" Cowdery

So it's pretty hard to write anything while watching various planes and cars absolutely destroy themselves on some show on Discovery.  Anyway, I was told to provide some sort of depiction of what's going on in this room.  Currently everybody is arguing for some unfathomable reason as to what a PET scan does, and as far as I can tell, Reshard is just making stuff up at this point and Kyle is calling him out on it.  Reshard has recruited the crafty Wikipedia onto his debate team.  Kyle is simply calling Alpha atoms "the lame ones" that you can block with a piece of paper, as opposed to Gamma rays - that made the Hulk.  This is kinda what happens when you room with two physics majors.  On the subject of Kyle, he was supposed to help me with this blog, but since he's going to pizza, he won't help.  Kyle has declared himself a "upper (master) delegator" which sounds kinda raunchy.  Kyle continues to hound me about a paragraph of big words which should include both "necrophilia" and "xenophobia".  I feel "supercilious" should make the cut as well.

I'm watching Josh finish a BIG Cheezit box all by himself.  It is an awesome spectacle.  So I feel like this blog is kinda wrapping itself up, but before we go, here are some awesome names.




Ray Appenheimer

Timbuktu (A Country, not a name ... thanks Reshard!)    

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